Negotiation is the only skill that can directly affect the generation of profits.

Surprisingly, very few professionals have received proper training in negotiation.

Organizations want to maximize profits, which implies having an effective team of negotiators, both commercially and strategically.

The purpose of the commercial negotiation is to maximize the opportunity that the client and the supplier represent to the company, through buying and selling, and that means to achieve the best possible outcome that every opportunity represents.

Every negotiation is different, but there is a clear difference between competitive and collaborative negotiations. The participants will go into practices that will allow them to identify the trading segment they are negotiating in, and to optimize the results there. Through practice and analysis, the principles of the negotiation will be built and the key concepts that correspond to each negotiation segment will be developed.

Depending on the group, the approach will be more strategic, more commercial or behavioral. The training programs are 100% adapted to the group to train.


Maximize the profitability of every operation in your own professional environment, generating greater short, medium and long-term profits for your company.

Learn to better handle pressure and conflict, using it to your advantage.

Learn how to apply the most appropriate tactics and strategies using negotiation techniques depending on the circumstances in which you find yourself.

Know your own character as a negotiator and greater awareness of your typical behaviors and their consequences when applying them in each negotiation.

Improve your management of emotions by favoring the expectations of all parties involved in the negotiation.

Negotiate effectively in competitive and collaborative environments.

Prepare appropriately for each negotiation.

Use your verbal and non-verbal communication skills to your advantage.

Understand your role as a negotiator in any environment, adapting more appropriately to that same environment.

Know how to identify the added value of each negotiation, classify that found value and materialize it in an agreement, through the structure of effective negotiation.

Understand the compass of the relationship, identifying the negotiation situations and the phases in time you are in, to achieve high value agreements for your company in the short, medium and long terms.

Improve the generation of trust between the parties, enabling the development of collaborative environments where mutual benefit is favored (Win-Win).

Improve strategic decision making and the development of medium and long-term strategies for the company.

Build better and long-lasting relationships.


Developing strategies to solidify contracts and relationships, making future profit sustainable, requires having a negotiation structure client and provider oriented.

We accompany the process of designing this structure, facilitating and designing the most suitable actions and training programs for the people involved, in order to improve the company’s negotiating culture, solidifying its position in the market.


Design and/or develop a negotiation culture that allows optimizing results in the short, medium and long term, effectively solidifying external and internal relationships.

Standardize the way the company approaches negotiation for profit maximization (Win-Win), generating environments of trust and collaboration.