CVPVLA Negotiation Programs

CVPVLA has developed a training system that allows addressing any area of ​​negotiation using the best professional negotiators and trainers anywhere in the world. All designs are taylored for each customer.

Although all our programs can be carried out in-company, in-house residential, therefore face-to-face, the total virtualization of all training has allowed total flexibility of the programs:

Connection at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Connection from any platform.

Total duration of the programs adapted to the needs of each company.

Duration of each session adapted to each group.

Dates of delivery flexible to the calendar of the company and the group to be trained.

Reduction of logistics costs to zero.


Negotiation permeates our lives and there is no “official” University that delivers a degree in negotiation. Negotiators have made ourselves over the years, evolving in parallel with markets, political decisions, countries, and developments in knowledge and psychology.

The reality is that negotiation is done by people, and the ability to negotiate is a determining factor for success in any field. No one can escape negotiation. Negotiation is mandatory. It is better to know how to use the best tools to get the most out of the opportunities that life, society, companies and, of course, personal relationships offer us.

Despite approaching the negotiation from all possible angles, we have created three main areas of training and consulting:

1. Commercial Negotiation: focuses on all areas outside the company or personal environment. We all need to buy and sell things. Commercial negotiation focuses on the delegate himself as a negotiator, on his attitudes, techniques, tools and abilities to achieve his objectives.

2. Internal Negotiation: Negotiation within “home”: to optimize relationships to minimize conflicts, to develop projects between different departments, to obtain resources, to delegate, to work in effective negotiation teams in the departments themselves, etc. Ultimately having a structure that allows the participant to optimize their negotiations, both horizontally and vertically, within the organization, society or within their personal environment.

3. Strategic Negotiation: This is the negotiation from behind the curtain, structuring the invisible to allow short, medium and long term objectives to occur. This type of negotiation works directly with Human Resources, Commercial Department and Structure Designs, M&A, Decision Making and Strategic Vision of executives.