From the deep experience drawn from the analysis of situations, behaviors, attitudes and conflicts within business environments, we have created a new way of modifying work habits and breaking limits in the development of people’s skills in terms of negotiation, communication, relational skills and managing conflict environments.

We approach the development of these skills following a purely practical approach, using a system of innovative techniques, characterized by their effectiveness in many ways: modifying skills, attitudes, emotional control, level of awareness of situations and how to handle them, etc. Learning is gained by experimenting in an uninhibited way.

Our programs leave their mark, being remembered and applied on a daily basis. We go beyond traditional training, extracting the maximum benefit from each person, freeing them to develop all their potential and relational talent. We do not change people, but we awaken in them their resources, now converted into new tools.

All our knowledge comes from practicing the skills we propose in professional settings, avoiding stereotypes and theoretical models.

Each training action is carefully designed to adapt it to the group and to each participant to make the most of the practice time during the workshop sessions.

Training programs can be designed in various phases over time, with online input sessions, face-to-face or virtual workshops and sessions, video or audio conferences or any other method related to blended learning.



Develop people making them aware of their role in each relational environment, providing them with practice, a solid relational structure and practical tools for immediate use to optimize these relationships.



Our entire team of people has extensive professional experience and specific training in the various areas in which they develop their workshops: sales techniques, negotiation, leadership, team motivation, public communication, Coaching, NLP, emotional intelligence, psychotherapy, hypnosis, theater techniques, etc.
The design of each training program will involve the most appropriate trainers in each case and with more experience in that sector, trying to respect the same trainers for the same training action in each company, thus maintaining the maximum homogeneity of their programs.