Strategic Negotiation allows companies to organize, anticipate and structure, from the back, both the most immediate, short-term plans, and medium and long-term movements and actions. Structured and conscious strategic decision-making allows actions to be directed towards success at all levels.

Less than 5% of managers have received training in negotiation and, out of these, less than 10% have received specific training in Strategic Negotiation. CVPVLA treats these 100% personalized training programs for a very small number of executives. From a theoretical-practical perspective, participants learn to apply the principles of negotiation to the relationship and effective decision making, helping them during the most critical moments.

Issues and problems such as Growth, Optimal dimension, Creation of purchasing systems, Development of effective negotiation teams, Business strategies, Resource Management and Optimization, Digitization strategies, M&A, Economic crises, etc., are always approached from a practical perspective.


Development of the capacity for strategic vision

Improved decision-making dynamics

Development of creative conflict resolution capacity

Use and development of strategic professional negotiation techniques

Improvement of the organization’s outcome

Leadership capacity development


This type of 100% personalized consulting is in charge of designing a homogeneous and unique relational system for each company that allows for an efficient approach to strategic negotiation from all excutive staff involved. Through very clear and efficient negotiation decision making model, the participant will have a great tool to accompany their strategic decissions.

The strengths and weaknesses of the team are exclusively analyzed, structuring individual action plans and monitoring their implementation by specialists from each strategic negotiation area. The foundations are established for the design and development of the optimal relational system, which encourages the flow of formal and informal information, both vertically and horizontally, the distribution of power to promote creativity, innovation, control, agilely resolve conflicts, avoiding mistakes that make the organization fall into serious problems.

In these sessions we jointly design the internal negotiation system and its tools to maximize benefits both in the short and long term, advising on possible problems and optimizing relationships in the areas where the organization needs it.


Improve short-term and long-term profits.

Improve the generation and development of effective internal projects.

Improvement of decision making related to problems to be resolved

Development of new communication channels to allow the right information to flow.

Development of a uniform and unique working system that maximizes the results of the strategic movements that the organization decides in any work area, internal or external.